BeA pneumatic tools

You will never run out of steam with our pneumatic tools

The choice is yours. Cordless or reliable compressed air. Both technologies have their justification and their followers. There are many applications in which the supply of compressed air is the first choice and certainly will remain so in the future.

Staples, nails or pins: we provide professional tools for our fasteners.

BeA pneumatic tools fastening power for


BeA stapler for thin or medium staple thicknesses and for heavy or wide staples.


Coil or strip nailers. Bradders, corrugated or T-nailers. There is no nail type that we can not handle.


BeA pins provide filigree and almost invisible connections. For many applications and areas of use.


The power in the background.

Powerful compressors from BeA ensure that your tools do not run out of steam. 

BeA Autotec Efficiency in automation

BeA Autotec has stood for customer specific solutions with a high degree of automation in the manufacturing process for more than 40 years.

BeA Skater System

The entry into serial production. The BeA Skater system is affordable and immediately optimises your manufacturing processes.