BeA supplies more than staples, nails and screws

Decorative nails, cable clamps, cardboard staples or hog rings

Staples, nails, screws - this is what BeA has represented for over 100 years. Our fastening solutions can be found in the construction, packaging and furniture industries. Our plastic staples fix laminates of wind turbine blades and swimming pools.

When identifying a suitable fastening solution, it is often helpful to look outside the box. Our experts, who think together with you, will help you to find the right solution.

BeA fasteners for special applications

Hog rings connect

Car upholstery, wire cages, fencing. Hog rings connect reliably and inconspicuously.

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Clips stay fixed

Proven solutions for fixing wave springs and wires.


Cardboard closure clips

Packfix or Clincher. Cardboard closure made easy.

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BeCoFix Expansion Fasteners

Concrete anchor for uncracked concrete with ETA.


Decorative nails refine

Refined connection. BeA decorative nails fasten with style.

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Mount VTT connector

Fast and reusable box installation system.

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BeA offers you the best solutions for all applications. From the robust coil nailer to the light stapler in furniture making.


BeA Autotec The reference in automated fastening solutions.

BeA expertise in your area

Our area managers are happy to come to you. We look after our customers because there is no substitute for personal contact.