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The cost and efficiency pressure in furniture and window construction as well as the high quality requirements in modern timber construction require a very high degree of automation in fastening technology. Numerous fastenings can be largely automated: from short term fixing to the permanent connection of materials. BeA Autotec delivers tailor made solutions that can be harmoniously and efficiently integrated into your production environments and processes.

We are well established in Europe as the leading system supplier for fastening and connection technology. Our automated systems, staples, nails and special fasteners are used by renowned manufacturers in fully automatic production.

BeA Autotec has stood for customer specific solutions with a high degree of automation in the manufacturing process for more than 40 years. Regardless of whether the fastening is carried out as a separate process, integrated in the manufacturing process or robotically controlled.

The tools and fasteners are defined jointly with the customers and developed and manufactured at the headquarters of Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG in Germany.

BeA automation technology highlights

  • 1989 First BeA Autotec tool
  • 1999 First BeA Autotec with exchangeable cassette
  • 2003 First BeA Autotec for wide back staples
  • 2014 First BeA Autotec for staples with wire diameter 3.0 mm
  • 2015 First automatic loading station for R20 nails for BeA Autotec tools on robot arms
  • 2018 First BeA Autotec “Pusher” device that allows extremely precise setting of the nail depth
  • 2019 First BeA Autotec screwdriver for large coils up to 700 screws

With more than 14,000 Autotec tools sold worldwide - BeA is No. 1!

BeA automation technology - when standard solutions are no longer enough

BeA Autotec - the perfect magazine for your production environment

Autotec solutions are modular. In addition to the drive unit, based on the choice of fastener and its length, there are a variety of different magazine versions. Depending on the production environment and fastening method, you will find the right reloading option here.

Autotec long magazine

Up to 500 staples can be used in one magazine and in any stapling direction.

  • Any stapling direction
  • Different fastening lengths up to 200 mm
  • Use in different production environments

Autotec Strip nailer

140 nails in 28 seconds? No problem with our strip nailers.

  • Long service life
  • Optional external loading station
  • Strip nails up to 160 mm

Autotec Coil nailer

Large coils with up to 900 nails. In horizontal or vertical magazines.

  • BDC and TC nails up to 90 mm
  • Plastic bound or wired coils can be used
  • Cost efficient nailing through the use of large coils

Autotec Top loader

Sometimes it just has to be more. Up to 10,000 staples magazine capacity.

  • Fasteners up to 65 mm
  • Elimination of costly reloading times
  • Up to 8 shots per second

Autotec side loader

If there is no more space on the top. Side loading with up to 5,000 fasteners.

  • Corrugated nails and staples possible
  • Fasteners up to 130 mm
  • High flexibility

Autotec exchange cassette

The fastest reload times. Especially for multi-function bridges in the prefabricated house industry.

  • Compact design
  • The fastest reload times
  • Up to 10 shots per second

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