BeA fastening systems in timber construction

Industrial prefabrication - carpentry joining - construction site assembly

BeA has always been at home in industry. Modern timber construction is very much oriented towards industrial structures, especially in the production process. The advantages of industrial production are obvious: consistently high quality of execution, fast production times, weather independent production processes and optimised costs. This benefits both consumers and timber construction professionals alike.

BeA brings two worlds together with its industry proven fastening systems. There is no sharp dividing line between trades and industry. Whether our coil nailers are installed in a swap body or our Skater system paves the way for serial production - BeA ensures that our timber construction customers can concentrate on the essentials. The production of beautiful and sustainable wooden structures.

Top tools for timber construction

BeA 180/65-835 A

  • for staple type

  • 180

  • in lengths of

  • 40 - 65 mm

BeA KV 350-15

  • Suction capacity 350l/min

  • effective output quantity 240l/min

  • Container size

  • 15 litres

BeA D 90-660 E

  • for nail type

  • D-Head

  • in lengths of

  • 50 - 90 mm

BeA 246/160-964 E

  • for staple type

  • 246

  • in lengths of

  • 65 - 160 mm

BeA in timber construction - Industry meets craftsmen

BeA Skater System

The entry into serial production. The BeA Skater system is affordable and immediately optimises your manufacturing processes.

Fixing of ETICS

Whether wood fibre insulation panels or EPS. Whether in prefabrication or on the construction site. BeA systems fasten insulation up to 160 mm.

When the calculator is not enough

Modern timber construction requires complex structural calculations. Our BeA Engineering Software calculates nodes and roof insulation.

We know a lot about timber construction. What can we do for you?

Application consulting

Advice and service from experienced industry professionals.

Tel: 06 65 41 17 01


Do I need a staple with ETA?

Understandable information about a complicated subject. BeA informs about ETA staples.


Pocket Guide Timber Connectors

Fast, stable & durable. BeA timber connectors for professional usage.